Guide to Suiteapp in NetSuite

Guide to Suiteapp in NetSuite

NetSuite’s Suiteapps are the extended apps that assist in managing the business of an organization with its outstanding solutions. The term “NetSuite” has already become the talk of the town and has adopted by several companies. The most surprising thing is that you can use NetSuite for Human Resource Management, Hospital Management System, run your manufacturing floor as well as make sales tax calculations easy. Whatever you need, there is a SuiteApp for you. SuiteApps are 100% customizable therefore you can build in functionalities that fit your unique business requirements and your unique needs. There are different types of SuiteApps which run completely inside NetSuite, some of them hosted on the same servers while some of the SuiteApps are integrated with other SaaS systems.

How to find SuiteApps?

a)Keyword search
Navigate to and search with a keyword text. On this page, you will see all the application descriptions in which the keywords appear.

b)Search by business need
You can easily find applications for use across industries, such as extensions for finance, tax, human resources, and customer support. In the same category, you can also find productivity tools for NetSuite.

c) Search by industry
You can also find SuiteApps as per your specific industry needs. It does not matter what kind of industry you are involved in, you can find the apps related to manufacturing, the software industry, non-profits, retail, e-commerce or the services industry.

Content of Suiteapp listing
Built for NetSuite badge can boost the app’s quality and security. For example, once on a SuiteApp listing, you can learn more about the NetSuite Partner, related to their customer experience.

Updating SuiteApps
Whenever there exists any kind of change, most of the SuiteApps are automatically updated by NetSuite in accounts. Once the SuiteApp gets updated, issue fixes and enhancements are available in your account.

Some NetSuite SuiteApps do not have automatic updates. These SuiteApps enable you to choose when
you want to implement an update.

These NetSuite SuiteApps are:

a) Reference Checkout
b) Reference My Account
c) Reference My Account Premium
d) Reference Shopflow
e) Content Delivery Service
f) Product Merchandising

1. There are various key processes that you may encounter in your daily operations and NetSuite automates such processes via Suite apps.
2. With SuiteApps, you can access the information in no time. A significant reduction in operational costs is very beneficial as you can spend your time improving the other business operations.
3. SuiteApps also led to expansion to multiple locations and additional sales channels fastly because of unified order and accounting management processes.
4. Because process changes can be implemented quickly, everyday business users can apply their functional expertise to tailor processes and apps.

Why choose SuiteActive for NetSuite development?

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