Netsuite AFA

NetSuite AFA: Unified and robust platform for the Apparel & Fashion industry

NetSuite is a remarkable framework developed based on the requirements of various industries. With vast experience in cloud-based  ERP solutions, it has been a key player in the apparel & fashion industry. NetSuite AFA Provides Omni-channel industry-leading software for Apparel and footwear business.

Brands in this fast-paced work environment should be agile. As they are in a very competitive landscape and always need to step up. There is always a need for constant innovation in their businesses to meet customer needs. NetSuite caters to all the business needs of apparel, footwear, and accessories industries. This unified solution by NetSuite is called  “NetSuite AFA”.

How NetSuite AFA enables Business management and growth?

The services provided by NetSuite AFA can be  listed based on the following development principles:

  • Establish:
    • Well designed Financial CRM Software to help the companies to organize and manage information about the clients. It holds the address and contact details, transaction history
    • Channel a common B2B and B2C order
    • Supply chain maintenance with the E-commerce and the marketplace connectors
    • Carry out promotions and returns of the products based on client requirements and Manage payroll at the end
  • Elevate:
    • The in-store experience of clients and employees by making it simple to create more marketplace and channels
    • Commerce marketing automation and people management solutions
  • Expand:
    • The process of multichannel order and ease of warehouse management
    • Growth of international footprint and improve merchandise planning
    • The platform features for financial planning and budgeting along with fixed asset management
  • Speed up:
    • The native e-commerce upgrade by automating warehouse and manufacturing processes
    • Cross-subsidiary fulfillment and provide integrated social marketing. This is to improve the reach of your products and services
  • Dominate:
    • The global multichannel order and warehouse management. Use Blockchain technology and cloud computing to make a unified digital trading platform
    • The world of comprehensive marketing and get greater Return on investment (ROI)

Features of NetSuite AFA:

  • KPI’s, Pre-configured Dashboards and reports: Every client of NetSuite AFA solution provides a home dashboard. It is designed to showcase only the required information about the roles given to perform daily tasks. KPI’s will help to put the relevant and necessary data at the fingertips of clients. And help cut the time spent collecting data across many business channels.
  • Unified Omnichannel Commerce: As AFA companies need to be able to sell products by many channels. NetSuite has a foundation for financials, inventory management, and customers in your commerce. It gives you a multi-channel commerce solution. This enables to speed up transaction processing while delivering personalized customer experience.
  • Real-Time Inventory and Order Management: NetSuite provides an industry-standard based updated platform that provides you realtime global visibility. It’s advanced order processing and management allows you to set up rules. These rules specify which location is important for supplying orders. Based on location, level of service, lead time and availability.

This solution helps you meet a perfect product assortment, list down inventory spaces. And prevent stockout, on delivery before the stated deadline. It empowers you to understand the bottom line costs along with keeping a record of the right merchandise mixture across the business. It provides you with a detailed report which includes the following:

  • Inventory turnover
  • Sales per hour
  • Store sales report
  • Stocks to sales ratio
  • Sell through ratio
  • Weekly style trend
  • Units per transaction
  • CRM and marketing:

NetSuite AFA solution provides powerful CRM capabilities for both retail and wholesale brands. It involves

  • Salesforce automation(SFA)
  • customer support and service,
  • e-commerce,
  • marketing automation
  • flexible customization

NetSuite sources sales performance, financial information, and order history. And provides a comprehensive view of responses by customers.

NetSuite provides a unified and robust platform for the apparel & fashion industry. It serves as a single record of truth and helps businesses deliver enhanced customer experience. It also has real-time positions in commerce for better inventory management. This gives an efficient marketing approach to meet your company’s growth. If you are looking for the best NetSuite Development Company then, you have to visit suiteactive and talk to NetSuite consultant. 

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