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NetSuite’s Advanced Partner Centre (APC) are the licences which give your business partners an access to all the range of your lists, transactions and reports. These licences can be bought in addition to the standard user licenses of yours. You can always contact your account manager for all the details of your NetSuite APC.

You can enable the NetSuite APC or NetSuite Advanced Partner Centre feature from the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the “Setup” window
  • Select the option of “Company” 
  • Now click on the “Enable Features”
    • Click on the “Web Presence” option
    • Then you need to check the “Partner Access” and the “Advanced Partner Access” options 
    • Then close it by pressing the “Save” option

How can you enable the NetSuite’s Advanced Partner Center or NetSuite ACP function from the Administration login?

  • Open the “Setup” tab
  • Select the “Company”
  • Now click on the “ Enable Features”
    • Here, press on the “CRM” tab
    • Check on the “Partner Relationship Management”  check box
    • Then click the “Save” button

Now you have the access to the Partner Relationships section to review the existing records of your partners, or to set up the new ones

NetSuite APC using persons should be set up under the option of “Vendors > Other > Partners”. These are the separate user records which all together form a standard employee record. To do this;

  • Go to the “Lists” option
  • Click on the “Relationships”
  • Now select the “Partner” option
  • If you are creating any new records, then click on the “New” button
    • Now fill all of your new partner’s information and details  
    • After filling in the details of your partner, click the “System Information” option
    • Now you need to tick the check box of “Give Access” which is under the tab and will assign the NetSuite APC License to your partner
    • Lastly, click on the “Save” button when finished.

NetSuite is that boon which can be very helpful for the business persons who are in a shared business. Because NetSuite APC can help you to access the common documents which are with your business partners. And the best part is you can access them without disturbing your business partner.  

If you are looking for the best NetSuite Application Development for NetSuite APC then, you can visit our websites and talk to our NetSuite Professional.

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