Netsuite API Guide

NetSuite API Guide: Insight on How to Achieve Efficient and Manageable Business Operations

NetSuite is a combined business management suite, which comprises commerce, CRM, and ERP/financials. With NetSuite software, all organizations can easily manage and operate their main business processes in one system. NetSuite does not require any hardware, complex setups, large-upfront license fee, and maintenance fees related to software or hardware.

With NetSuite company can perform all the business operations automatically, smoothly, and efficiently. NetSuite is a flexible platform and can be integrated and applied to a variety of business applications. Most of the companies integrate NetSuite with ERP to manage stock, track financials, maintain CRM systems, and host e-commerce stores. NetSuite is also integrated with rest API to provide the companies with advanced actions as well as web API to exchange data between on-premise applications and cloud-native environments.

Under this NetSuite API guide, you will understand more about NetSuite Rest API, NetSuite Web API, and integration.


Several terms are used in the world of web development, which may create confusion. Some of these terms include REST API and Web API among many others. Read further to understand how they are related and what they mean.


Many misunderstand REST for a tool, a library, or protocol but it is a web service of an architectural style, which provides a communication channel between computers or systems on the internet. REST is a standard used as an architectural means to design a software system that is based on a network.

Supported and based on REST (representational style transfer), REST API is nothing but an API (application program interface). This refers to software, service, or tools based on the architectural principle of REST. When used for web API, REST majorly takes advantage of HTTP. Also, it can be utilized on almost any protocol.

To access data, REST API uses HTTP requests and this data can be used to DELETE, POST, PUT and GET data types, referring to deleting, creating, updating, and reading operations concerning resources. REST APIs are more flexible as well as data in REST APIs is not confined to methods or resources. Therefore, when REST API implemented appropriately with hypermedia, can make various types of calls, can make structural changes, and return several data formats.


Web API refers to application program interfaces over the internet and is an open-source framework. Web API is not a technology but a concept that can be accessed via the HTTP protocol. The developers can use a number of technologies including Java, .NET, among others to build Web API. Web API may or may not be REST API. Web API implements protocol specification and thereby combines concepts such as various content formats, request/response headers, versioning, URIs, and caching.

Web API offers a platform that is used to build RESTful services.

NetSuite API integration challenges, 

Netsuite integration platforms

  • Here are three important things to keep in mind before going ahead with NetSuite API integration.
  • NetSuite offers an API but integration sometimes may not be the expertise of a particular company. In this case, mistakes can be more expensive if it affects the financial information or client
    NetSuite API mixture with SaaS applications should be done considering the changing nature of the platforms and APIs.
  • Opt for the right platforms for integration based on the requirements. To build a web and mobile application integration, the API transformation service will have to transform the NetSuite SOAP API to a web and developer-friendly REST interface

Any company will face problems if it does not have experience in the improvement of business processes, its goals and a proper understanding of application integration. Businesses with little or no experience in these areas are recommended to opt for a NetSuite API integration platform.

Netsuite integration platforms

Netsuite integration platforms

In order to meet the specific business needs, NetSuite offers a technology platform, which provides tools to allow partners, developers, and customers to customize NetSuite. NetSuite Web API, NetSuite Rest API, or other NetSuite integration can be done using tools such as

SuiteScript – SuiteScript is JavaScript, through which new processes, functions, and complete applications can be developed and hosted in NetSuite.

SuitCloud – SuiteCloud is an integration and customization platform. It features inbuilt extensibility and helps companies integrate NetSuite into their business ecosystem and model. SuiteCloud meets the requirements of ISVs, application administrators, and software developers. Distribution toolset, application packaging, access management tools, integration services, JavaScript APIs, metadata-based extensions, and more are the unified collection of SuiteCloud technologies.

SuiteTalk – SuiteTalk is a tool for Web Services integration, through which NetSuite can be integrated with third-party systems and legacy systems.

NetSuite REST Web API Services

NetSuite REST Web API Services


With NetSuite Web services API, users can access the NetSuite record metadata, provide link-based navigation and support API discoverability. NetSuite Web services API also provides a uniform approach to interact with standard and custom records.

SuiteTalk delivers a complete variety of REST APIs exposed through a standard web services interface, securely accessible from external client applications. The main highlights of SuiteTalk Web Services are:

  • Metadata
  • CRUD (create, read, update, delete) Operations
  • Query
  • Supported Records

Benefits of Netsuite integration

With NetSuite integration, a company can easily automate its operations and operate the business efficiently, without manual errors and delays.

  • Communications within the organization, be it internal or external will improve through NetSuite integration
  • NetSuite interrogation into a business offers instant access to information from anywhere and anytime
  • The software allows companies to establish and expand to multiple locations faster and efficiently
    NetSuite integrations automate your business process, as a result saving much of your time and no manual errors.
  • Companies can go global because NetSuite can be deployed in multiple subsidiaries, currencies, languages, and related functions
  • Companies do not have to change or amend the infrastructure but just add members to the subscription in case of horizontal growth
  • In the case of vertical growth, new operations, applications, and modules can be added
    Offers high-degree of customization


NetSuite offers a point-to-point system and a single application to operate the entire business. NetSuite integration has proved effective and beneficial to enormous companies. It requires a bit of work but is no doubt worth the results.

Now we have a general idea about the NetSuite development services which includes things like NetSuite consultant or NetSuite developer, which helps the organization to work and solve the issues with ease. Netsuite development software is provided by NetSuite development companies, which in the long run help to run the business smoothly and without much hindrance.

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