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Why choose SuiteActive to build NetSuite custom report

With NetSuite, you can create many reports out of the box. But, developing complex reports on NetSuite is not an easy task. Sometimes the created reports do not meet your specific business needs or reporting aim. This issue can be solved by customizing the reports using the standard report builder of NetSuite. Also, the NetSuite cloud ERP provides many options to create different types of reports. But these possibilities for customization within NetSuite are very few.

netsuite custom report summary

You can contact us to build a business-specific NetSuite custom report, feel free to contact us. SuiteActive is a recognized and well-experienced provider of NetSuite Solution and ERP implementation.

Below mentioned are samples of standard NetSuite Reporting to customize

    • Revenue: Sales by Item, Customer, Sales Rep.

    • Financial: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow.

    • Purchases: Purchases by the dealer, buy Order Register, and Item

    • Inventory: Inventory Activity, Profitability, Status, Back Order, Valuation, and Turnover

    • Banking: Bank Reconciliation, Bank Register.

    • Order Management: Open Orders, Shipping Reports and Sales Order Register.

    • Other types: Customer Service, Marketing, Case Management, Web Presence, Opportunity/Pipeline, and more.

    Case study – In some cases, the client may need out of the box features such as extra customization and information in their reports.

    Requirements of the client

    One of the clients approached us to build a series of reports with additional features and extra customization. They wanted us to display the snapshot of the same reports in various role-based dashboards.

    Challenges faced during implementation

    The standard reports of NetSuite display only basic information in a simple and understandable form. The client required structured and complex reports with extra customizations and information from the custom records of the customer. The main challenges faced during the snapshot creation of report were:

    • How to create well structured, organized, efficient and customized reports with the required information
    • How to display the snapshots of reports in the dashboards of specific users

    Provided solution

    We used the NetSuite Custom Report Builder to create different types of reports depending on the demand of the client. Many changes occur in the displayed content and in the format where the information is displayed. With a deep analysis of the required content to be extracted from customer records, our team created custom reports.

    The issue of displaying reports by role was solved by creating a group of custom roles and custom centers. Then the report was added to each user depending on the assigned group of permissions. We use the Dashboard portlets to display snapshots reports in a specific user dashboard.

    Achieved results

    With the help of the NetSuite Report Builder, we successfully meet the client’s requirements. The tasks we accomplished are as follows:

    • Created report sand and customized the same using Report Builder
    • Created custom roles and Custom centers
    • Displayed the snapshot report using portlets depending on the job assigned to each user

We build a set of real-time and NetSuite custom reports for organizations. These reports are downright business-specific. We ensure these reports match the responsibilities and roles of every employee of the company. Thus, efficient viewing of the data to edit records and make decisions is easy. To meet your specific needs, we also change the appearance of the NetSuite report and the information it holds. Feel free to connect our NetSuite Application Developer and call +61 480 016 233

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