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Netsuite Deleting Multiple Records

How can you Delete Multiple Records in NetSuite?

If you are running a business then you know how hectic it is for a person or people to maintain a business effectively and take it towards success. You have to deal with multiple clients, finances, internal and external relationships etc.

Apart from this, a businessman also knows the pain of dealing and handling the documents, data’s and records of the company. For instance, you make a lot of payments for any aspect of your company. All those transactions come with bills. So after a few days those bills are wasted, but still they will sit and consume your space. So how can you delete these unwanted documents and reports with NetSuite? Let us understand the procedure. But before let us see what NetSuite is?   

How can you Delete Multiple Records in NetSuite?

If you have plenty of business related documents or records which are unnecessary, then do not waste the time deleting one by one. In the NetSuite platform, you can delete multiple documents and records at a time using the Inline Editing tool. This tool is highly recommended for deleting the unnecessary transaction records, records of testing etc. before you go live.

Another example for using the Inline Editing is when your document records are incorrectly accessed or imported. One important point to note while deleting is that you should have a complete 100% access to the deleting records.

Steps involved in Deleting Multiple Records at the same time are:

  • Make sure that Inline Editing is enabled and accessible from your account. To do this go to Setup, then Company, click on Enable Features, open Company tab and then go to Data Management section.
  • Then you need to save the searches of the documents and records which you wanna delete. Then in the criteria page, add a criteria which states “Main Line = True”
  • Then you have to run the search, after that enable the Inline Editing which is present on the top left of the web page.
  • Now click on the pencil icon and drag it to the fields with , which indicates that it is an editable field. If you failed to find any of the editable fields, then you can add the Memo field to saved search.
  • Now press and hold on the Shift or the CNRL buttons. This will help you to select the files you want to delete. After selecting, go to the new field and select the delete option.

Overall, it is very important to save the time and concentrate on the business instead of sitting and deleting thousands of these unwanted documents, records and spams. And you can do it more effectively and efficiently with the help of the NetSuite. Follow all the above mentioned steps and delete all the unwanted data and documents for once and all. 

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