NetSuite Document Management

NetSuite Document Management

If you are running a business then it is important to make sure that all of your data and documents are well managed enough so that you can have the required information whenever needed urgently. If you are using NetSuite then you know the load of documents will be pending in the system. So how can you manage them? You can manage them with the help of NetSuite document management. So what is it and how can you manage them? Let’s discuss.

What is NetSuite Document Management ?

NetSuite document management is a tool which enables you to add the reference reports and documents to any of the records to make sure that there is simplification in your audit trail. This will facilitate your year-end accounting and will help in organizing the files.
Mostly all of the record types in this system have a support to related attachments. You can also have the control access for these items from the authentication system.
This tool i.e. NetSuite document management system can be used to manage and store all the documents related to different workflows. It will consist of email attachments, customization scripts, web content management, support cases, templates, and purchase orders

What are the benefits of NetSuite Document Management Integration?

Some of the benefits of NetSuite Document Management system are:
  • Documents will be automatically attached to all the records, so that it won’t be a problem when you need them.
  • There will be a central UI (User Interface) so that the management of all the types of content for the team collaboration is easier.
  • It will support the data entry of the unstructured files like PDF, Image file, office file etc.
  • Hyperlinks will be created within the software. It will be done under the supervision of NetSuite’s security authentication system.

What is the NetSuite File Cabinet?

This tool is used for the NetSuite document management. This will come with the purchase of the system. When you log in as an admin, you can have the access to these files just by going to
With this concept, you will have access to equivalent storage of 10 GB. And even if you need more space than this then you can pay 199 dollars per month and get additional 10 GB data.
The File cabinet is very much helpful for the consumers to store files like vendor invoices and contracts.
Some of the best NetSuite Document Managements systems applications are
  • DocuPeak – it includes features like
    • Cover Sheet generator is provided with the barcode recognition system.
    • This is an easy to configure tool which will allow you to have pre set multiple zones so that each document present can have an instant data capture.
    • This applications Database lookups are simple.
    • With the help of the embedded Scan Bench tool under NetSuite data management integration, this application has unique background and foreground send capabilities.
    • Support – it does not support the NetSuite Sandbox Accounts which can be a problem sometimes
    • U I – the U I of this application is smooth and sleek unless many of users are not attempting to use on one single application account
    • Price – the price varies from 15 dollars to 2700 dollars.
If all of your documents are well arranged then you know the value of them and how important they can be when needed urgently. By studying this post, one thing is clear that NetSuite document management is boon for the companies in managing the data and documents. Get the best NetSuite Service Providers at an affordable price from the NetSuite Document Management Integration. We have the professional team of NetSuite Developer.
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