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NetSuite Expense Report Overview

These days, NetSuite is considered as one of the important cloud-based business software. This integrated platform provides a single platform for managing different business processes. Many processes such as resource planning, inventory managing, financial tracking, etc., are a few among them. The robust NetSuite Expense Report offers many advanced features and infinite benefits. As a result, NetSuite has been turned out as the most efficient and highly productive business software.

It is one of the most unique and popular features of the NetSuite software. It facilitates expense report creation in NetSuite without much difficulty. Anyone within the firm can easily enter the details related to the expenses in this software. There is no need for any expertise in accounting and finance, which is the best part of this software’s usage.

Procedure to create a NetSuite Expense Report

Creating an expense report in NetSuite software is quite a simple task. You just need to follow a step-by-step procedure for it. Further, you as the person who incurred the actual expense, as well as on behalf of the person who incurred expenses can enter the data and create the expense report.

But, you should understand an important thing before starting to create the expense report. There are two ways available for this purpose depending on one’s role in the firm’s NetSuite environment.

If you are a worker with an employee-center role can access the specific form for creating the expense report. For that, you need to visit the home page and select the link of “Enter Expense Reports”.
If you are a worker who does not have any employee-center role can directly access the “Expense Reports”. You just required to visit the “Transactions” tab > “Employees” option > “Enter Expense Reports”.

Now, let’s move to the procedure of creating a NetSuite Expense Report.

Step 1: First, visit the Setting up an expense report in NetSuite “Expense Reports” page and ensure that this specific page has defaulted the right custom form designed for your firm.

home-link-1-300x81 new

Step 2: In the employee box, you need to select your own name or name of the staff member on whose behalf you are creating this expense report. Follow:  Transactions > Employees > Enter Expense Reports.

Enter Expense Reports netsuite

Step 3: The expense report gets generated automatically. You can customize this report as per your needs.

Step 4: The posting period gets set automatically. But, it can also be changed as per the accounting period for which this report has been approved.

Step 5: Even the date gets automatically settled on the present-day yet it can be adjusted as per your preference.

Step 6: In the Date Due box, you must mark the date for which your expense report is scheduled for.

Step 7: Suppose, you received advances for some kinds of tasks. You need to enter the related details in the Advance to Apply box to link them with your expense reimbursement.

Step 8: Then in the purpose box, enter a brief explanation stating the reason for creating this report

Step 9: The Complete box mark gets checked automatically. In case, you are planning to modify the contents of this report in the future then unmark it without missing. It is an important step, since the expense reports marked with Complete status are only routed for processing.

Step 10: In case, your account is enabled with the multicurrency feature, then mark the box of Use Multi-Currency to enter foreign currencies.

multicurrency expense report

Step 11: Now, enter all the expenses one-by-one as per the form’s format.

  • In Ref. No field, the number 1 automatically appears for the first item
  • Mark the date related to that expense (first item) in the date column
  • Label the category for this expense under the Category column
  • In case, this expense is in a foreign currency then enter this amount in the Foreign Amount box
  • Also, mark the currency linked with this expense amount
  • Further, enter the current exchange rate in the next “Exchange Rate” tab
  • In case, if you referring to the local currency, then directly enter the expense amount in the related column
  • If there is any specific note required to note for this expense then mention it in the memo column
  • You can also enter the allied departments and locations in corresponding columns
  • In case, this expense is concerned with any specific customer then mention its name or number in customer column
  • In the case of NetSuite OneWorld, you can also select any of the subsidiary options from the subsidiary column
  • Further, if this expense is chargeable to any particular customer then mark it in Billable column
  • Then, upload the receipt related to the particular expense in the Attach File column. You can attach many receipts by selecting the “New” option every time
  • If this particular item is not reimbursable then mark on Non-Reimbursable box
  • Also, if you attached any receipt then don’t forget to mark the Receipt box


NetSuite-Approve-Expense-Reports-300x212 new


Step 12: Now, hit the “Add” option to add a new expense to the expense report

Step 13: Repeat the entire Step-11 without missing any of the fields

Step 14: After completing entering the details related to all the expense then mark the “Save” option.

Further, in case you are a supervisor who has been assigned to approve an expense report, then mark the box named Supervisor Approval after you were satisfied with the contents of the report. It will mark the approval of the expense report.

Besides, if you are entitled to approve accounting transactions then mark the Accounting Approval box. It indicates that this particular report has been checked, approved, and ready-to-be-paid.

Note: The total expense will remain as an unapproved expense until it gets approval since it does not hold any accounting impact. Once it gets approved, then the expense report will be created as per the firm’s norms.

As viewed in the above steps, creating an expense report is not much difficult and can be done by any person within the firm. Therefore, try once the NetSuite Expense Report feature for your creating your firm’s Expense Report without putting much effort.

If you want more information about this topic and NetSuite then connect our NetSuite Developer at [email protected] or call +61 480.016.233

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