NetSuite For Startups and Small Business

NetSuite For Startups and Small Business

Across the globe, setting up or running any kind of business will be quite hectic and stressful. It always involves massive and complex processes. The large and medium scale businesses handle these things pretty smoothly. Since they own a huge amount of money and human resources to use.

But, the startups and small-scale firms heavily struggle for even managing day-to-day activities. In such cases, each task and process come under tight scrutiny. Plus, the occurrence of any kind of error costs these firms a fortune. And above all, these firms cannot afford expensive integrated business solutions.

If you are one of them, then don’t worry. US-based SuiteActive. offers an ultimate solution for in the form of NetSuite ERP. But, why is it important for any startup and small-scaled firm to invest in any business solution? What kind of advantages any business solution offers to these firms? Especially, how NetSuite works in the favor of startups and small-scale businesses? Let’s find out an answer to all these questions.

What is the need for a business solution and why to invest in it?

These days, investing in any business solution has become the most important aspect of the present world. A business solution assists in streamlining many processes to optimize overall output. It really does not matter whether you wish to simplify the process of your accountings or warehousing. These solutions are there for you at every moment. Even though these are a bit costlier, they might turn out as your best business partners. The NetSuite ERP is one of such useful solutions, but it can be easily affordable.

NetSuite ERP is designed to simplify many business processes and is the best option for your business growth. It offers built-in business intelligence tools and real-time access to your business data. By doing so, this ERP assists you in making timely and effective decisions.

What makes NetSuite ERP an ideal one?

NetSuite offers many software and analytical tools related to managing many aspects of your business. For instance, financing, accounting, human resources, order management, etc. Also, NetSuite facilitates hassle-free real-time access to your firm’s crucial data. This functionality enables you to identify all the loopholes in your entire working procedure. As a result, you will be enabled to resolve them quickly well-before they affect the entire business process. In simple terms, NetSuite ERP improves the functionality of every business process of your firm.

How does NetSuite be utilized by startups and small scale businesses?

NetSuite offers highly-useful functionalities of startups and small scale businesses. The NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Starter Edition is one of them. It facilitates hassle-free access to all the functionalities of NetSuite ERP.

But, don’t ever assume that this software offers limited applications as it’s a Starter Edition of NetSuite. If you subscribe to this, then you will get a complete NetSuite ERP system designed as per the needs of your business operations. Most importantly, this software comes with NetSuite Professional Services powered with zero activation charges.

What is NetSuite Professional Services Activation?

The NetSuite’s experts will configure your system and convert your business data. Further, they also conduct a process walk-through and offer go-live support. Highly affordable, this software provides a great help in taking your business online.

Around 10 licensed users associated with your firm can make use of this software at once. At the end of the first phase’s installation, your system will be capable of running many integrated tools. For instance, CRM, Inventory Management, E-Commerce, and many more.

Even more important, NetSuite consultant company offers many useful tools. Among them, business intelligence metrics and dashboards are highly important. These deliver more than 95 pre-built reports as well as pre-configured roles.

With NetSuite, your business can observe rapid growth, quick expansion, and high profits. As a result, your business’s ROI ratio witness drastic positive change. Furthermore, SuiteSuccess Starter Edition requires hardly a few days to set up and run the entire system. The adjustments can be made to the software as per your business changing needs later as well. On top of that, any third-party applications can be integrated much easily.

What’s the future?

Once your business is live on NetSuite, it will flourish and expand significantly. It may increase the complexity of your business processes, transactions, and many other things. But, don’t worry. NetSuite’s ERP offers many advantages for fulfilling your business’s ever-evolving requirements.
For instance:


With NetSuite ERP, you can easily review the functionality of your business and related software regularly. For this, you need to analyze your business goals, system architecture, and existing technology. The present manual processes and their potential for automation can be also included. You can easily add extra modules and functionalities after identifying your business’s needs. For example, modules related to financial management, inventory management. Project management, etc.


Whenever you feel there is a need for any kind of modification or upgrade to your system then no need to worry. The NetSuite offers SuiteAssist for your help. As a managed service program, this service offers essential support for your business whenever you prefer. An expert’s team will visit your firm and assess the current operations. They provide crucial recommendations to improve the functionalities of your business processes. Besides, they also offer support services such as in-depth testing, additional user training, and much more.

Full Licensing

In case your business sees rapid growth in the coming few years and you may think of expanding your business operations. Then also there is no need to worry. The NetSuite offers full license options for such kinds of situations at a very reasonable price. It facilitates the addition of extra users as well as tools for your support. As a result, you can make a seamless transition from SuiteSuccess Starter Edition. You can easily step into the business world of large and medium-sized firms with greater functionality.

Why is NetSuite highly popular?

In this tech-geared world, NetSuite is exceptionally popular among startups and small businesses. Let’s have a quick look at the prime reasons that make it so special.

Quick setup

The entire set up of NetSuite just takes a couple of weeks for installation as compared to several others. Further, you can easily make any kind of changes and modifications at the earliest.

Well-established practices

Over the years, many well-renowned firms enjoyed the benefits of NetSuite to a great extent. More importantly, these firms advise changes to improve the overall working process. Today, NetSuite is highly known for its best practices and innovations.

Easy customization

NetSuite offers simple and quick customization as per your business needs. All the business process flows, dashboards, and KPIs can be modified much easily.

Lower installation and maintenance costs

Cloud-based services are well-known for saving valuable time and affordable investment. Because these services eliminate the need for an on-premise physical setup. Besides, the automatic updates are available for the software. As a result, the entire system will be always up-to-date as per the current tech-environment.

Great scalability

The NetSuite offers a superb chance to extend your business activities. With its help, you can easily increase your operations across many industries. It also supports setting up of any business even in foreign countries. All this can be done in compliance with their respective laws.

Gives a 360-degree view

NetSuite offers thorough monitoring and reviewing of all your business processes. Besides, it also provides useful insights into your CRM.

Assist in decision-making

Offer quick access to an integrated database, efficient dashboard, and high-functional analytic tools. With the help of these, all the business decisions can be carried out much faster.

Whether you own a well-established small scale business or just launched a startup. The cloud-based ERP software are always an ideal option. Among such ERPs, the powerful NetSuite ERP is highly popular and most widely used. It offers several unique and unmatchable functionalities. For instance, excellent flexibility, higher scalability, and round the clock support.

So, subscribe to NetSuite ERP quickly and drive the growth of your business to a great extent.

Key highlights of NetSuite:

In case you are unaware of NetSuite, then let’s have a quick look at its origin and basics. It is regarded as one of the best cloud-based business software suite and serves in more than 203 different countries. A variety of products and services offered by it include –

Enterprise Resource Planning

It eases backend operations related to finance, inventory, and human resources. Also, the operations linked with orders, billing, and shipping are included in this list.

NetSuite OneWorld

It offers similar kinds of services as of NetSuite ERP and is highly apt for any multinational firm. Besides, it also facilitates easy handling of different accounting standards, taxation, and currencies. As a result, various subsidiaries located in different countries can be managed much more easily.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It supports all the operations related to marketing, sales, services, and customer insights.


It provides a robust SuiteCommerce platform for assisting in online selling activities. Also, it supports traditional phones and Point-Of-Sale tools.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

It facilitates the smooth handling of human resources and related payroll processes.

NetSuite Services

Offers 24*7 support for customizing, installing and maintaining NetSuite solutions.

The feature-rich NetSuite facilities hassle-free installation which takes hardly a few weeks. For this, it makes use of pre-built configurations and turnkey-approach. Besides, it also helps in improving ROI by reducing financial close time up to 20-50%, audit preparing time up to 50%, and invoicing costs around 25% to 75%.

The services of NetSuite assist in streamlining your business processes and maximizing overall efficiency. Across the world, NetSuite’s customer base accounts for around 16,000 and more than 40 IPOs run on it.

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