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Everyone will agree that the shortcuts are very useful key tools that will help in your work to finish quickly, or to search quickly. No matter what, the standardized shortcuts present in any software be it Photoshop,Microsoft Word etc. are very helpful for the end users and customers. Even NetSuite is no less. You can get many of the shortcuts and prefixes for your Global Search tab and can be handy in your day to day work. So what is Global search in NetSuite? What are those prefixes and shortcuts? Lets see

What is NetSuite Global Search?

NetSuite Global search is a powerful tool in the platform of business and NetSuite. This is the first thing to learn when you become an active member of NetSuite for the ERP. this will be the first field you will see in any of the NetSuite UI after logging into your account. But sometimes you will feel it as complicated and confusing because there are many of them to understand clearly to get their purpose of being shortcut for the search field within the various aspects of the NetSuite.

How can you start using these NetSuite Global Search Shortcuts?

You can either choose the designated role for yourself and then click on the center top in the search field of your NetSuite Dashboard or you can simply press Alt + G, so that your cursor can directly move to the designated place.

Then to start with your search, enter the keyword which consists of any of the elements like number, alphabets, and dashes which can be easily tabulated through the NetSuite Global Search Settings. Some of the common shortcuts that are used will be explained by us in the later part of this post. Then the Global Search which is just like a search engine for your ERP manager will automatically populate the suggested matches for your shortcut search. And it is very much important to know the correct prefixes to use for these systems when you are looking for specific data in a hurry.

NetSuite global Search Prefixes

NetSuite ERP i.e. NetSuite Economic Resource Planning will obviously consist of a lot of data and information. This is  when you have many of the customers data and records stored  in your  system itself. To lower your stress for searching any individual record, just add the shortened prefixes to the search tab before the file name. This will not only clean up all the records of all the irrelevant results, but will also increase the search speed.

Here are some of the search prefixes that can be used:

cam Campaign
cash Cash Sale
con Contact
cust Customer
emp Employee
est Estimate
ev Event
exp Expense Report
fi File
invo Invoice
iss Issue
it Item
opp Opportunity
par Partner
ph Phone Call
sales Sales Order

What is the Wildcard?

Wildcards are another type of search tool that comes under the NetSuite Global search settings. You can also access them as a part of your NetSuite Global Search Prefixes

  • Percentage Sign (%): One of the most helpful search wildcards is a percentage sign (%). For instance, if you use %INV:101 then the system with the help of Global Search will present all the invoices that have the number 101 in in the category of invoice number. This is one of the best wildcards for filtering the search records in the Global Search.
  • Underscore sign (_): this wildcard is used to find all the customer records which consists of specific letters you are looking for. For example, if you search Cust:A_B then you will get all the customers’ names which have a and b in their spelling. 
  • Plus Sign (+): Inserting the plus sign at the end of any keyword will automatically search for the active and inactive search records in the search results.
  • OR: If you use the word OR in the Global Search tab then you will get multiple strings of any text using.
  • Exclamatory Marks (“ ”): if you type anything that you are looking for i.e. if you search “yesterday’s overall income” then you will receive the records which consists of the words which are inside the exclamatory marks i.e. yesterday’s overall income in this case.

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