NetSuite Inbound Shipment Management

There are some companies which receive from global sources may have moving parts. Here the inventory will be in the transit form overseas so that there can be fulfillment in the purchase order made. So the big question which arises here is how will a company account for all their inventory which is legally owned, but have not received into the warehouse?

This is when NetSuite’s present workaround, which is to produce the multiple receiving entries. This is so to have the multiple PO’s which are addressed to the virtual warehouses. This is so that you can create multiple transactions and then process the multiple bills for vendors. This is a heavy task and consumes much of time. This is when you can use the NetSuite Inbound Shipment.

What is NetSuite Inbound Shipment Management?

Tackling the difficult procedure of tracking and keeping accounts is not easy. But for items which are in the form of transit can now be centralized and made easy with the help of this tool.

There will be an inbound shipment data or document which will be with respect to one number per container. This is created from the notifications which your supplier has given you with information regarding what item is shipped in the container.

For each and every inbound shipment report or document, or any number of quantities of any listed item, or from any vendor or PO, it can be selected and can be tracked sitting in one place itself.

The passing of the ownership, the receiving and the vendor, all these bill creations are done from only one document itself.

NetSuite will create an underlying transfer. This is because all the receipts and bills are individual.

What are the benefits of the Global business with the help of NetSuite Inbound Shipment management?

  • If you are an importer or a distributor of any overseas product and if you use the NetSuite then you can benefit more from this. This is so because this business tool is more streamlined, efficient. The procedure, capability of accounting clearly for those items in the transits and complex shipping methods is easy.
  • Inventory levels will be more accurate, accounting will be having the correct numbers of its counts. And the logistics professionals  will now be able to have a clear and one source of the information. And it will be about the shipping and receiving.
  • This modern globally supply chain will mean that dealing with many manufacturers and vendors across the geography is easy and on the fingertips.
  • NetSuite Inbound Shipping is effective. It can make sure that it consolidates all of this information in one single and common report. This feature can be helpful to many retail and wholesale distributors.

Overall, it is very clear that the NetSuite Inbound Shipment is connecting the world with you in your business. And all this process is carried out within seconds of your connection with NetSuite. If you are a retailer or distributor then this tool of NetSuite Inbound Shipment management is for you.

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