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How to Boost your Website Ranking Through NetSuite SEO?

Today, NetSuite platform is regarded as one of the top-rated cloud computing platforms across the globe. Rich in features and extremely user-friendly, NetSuite SEO assist in growing your online business with no trouble.

The NetSuite’s ability to handle any kind of business process and to enhance the overall efficiency is highly commendable. However, its functionalities are not only limited to the effective handling of your different operations and sales/shipping activities. With incredible SEO NetSuite tools, it also boosts your SEO rankings and increases your online visibility to a larger extent. Let’s see how it is possible?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a terminology used for the process of increasing the quantity and quality of web trafficking by increasing visibility of your website through web search engines. Quality web trafficking can be achieved by bringing the right customer to the right website and by promoting the websites through ads in other apps and websites.

What is NetSuite SEO?

Since the time of launch of the eCommerce site from NetSuite i.e. SuiteCommerce, there is an increase in the need for SEO knowledge in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). NetSuite SEO advises and answers all the questions for their customers regarding SEO. But still, there are many companies out there using outdated SEO technologies, which is not so great for their reputation.

The most complex thing for these companies is to choose SEO NetSuite or continue with the same for a better understanding.

The hotshot of SEO NetSuite

Google is always working on gathering all the information available in the world and making it easily accessible by every person present on this earth. When someone searches for specific data, the data which is having good weight-age will be shown within the top results. This is how SEO operates, and for this to happen, Google makes use of a certain kind of algorithm. These kinds of algorithms are referred as hotshots and are available in the SEO NetSuite.


In the early period, SEO was very simple. All you needed to do is put your data into your website and mention keywords clearly. But this method was very competitive and was difficult to survive on top. Then the rank game took the prominence and most of the business websites started to focus on achieving the initial few positions in the search results. When the Google search engine emerged, the competition raised significantly.

Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO which most of the search engine including google considers

Onsite SEO: 

Keywords, tags, titles, photos, content, etc. are the prime things or aspects of consideration that web search engines look for.

Offsite SEO: 

How is your website explained in other online sources is the prime aspect that search engines look for.

SEO NetSuite objectives

  • Mobile friendly indexing:

These days most of the users or visitors are preferring mobile instead of PC as mobile consumes less data, and it is handy. So it is one of the important objectives or aspects for SEO NetSuite to see the websites are flexible to use in mobiles.

  • Speed:

Another important aim for SEO NetSuite is the speed of transitions in the website and it changes the mood of the viewer if there is a slow transition in the web page

  • Content relevancy: 

It is also important for web pages to put the content which is relevant to the topic because the content is the body of any website and the body needs to be strong to survive in the industry.

  • Keyword optimization:

The main factor that brings up any website on top in search engines is keywords because most of the users will search a keyword in the search engine for any topic.

How to maximize SEO using NetSuite

There are a lot of functions to prove that NetSuite has the power to increase the SEO impact on the web pages. It has an optimized URL, tags, image attributes, etc. and these are some important aspects that boost your web page and owners can take a good benefit from these.

How to improve SEO NetSuite

  1. Images:

Images can help any web page to prosper as there is an increment in the field of image search, experts suggest using an image which describes the topic partially.

  1. Content:

The title, keywords, and description are a significant part of any content. These aspects should be handled with care as it is an important web factor.

  1. Adding relevant tags and URL:

It is also important to add suitable tags and correct URLs for the post for reaching the correct audience.

  1. Search engine bot:

Search engine bots play an important role as it’s important to include robots.txt file which easily manipulates the bot to display the correct data which is meant to display.

Wrapping up:

Overall, SEO NetSuite is a very important optimizer of search engine ranking. It also improves the overall quality of website content, web traffic, and user experience. Therefore, make use of this tool to boost your SEO campaigns, drive more customers, and take your online business to the next level. All the best.

To learn more about SEO NetSuite customers, email or reach out Certified NetSuite Consultant

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