Flexible and Customizable SuiteCloud Platform for Extended NetSuite

SuiteCloud is an inclusive cloud development tool that is offered to customers and software developers in order to reap the benefits of cloud computing by the NetSuite.  NetSuite Suitecloud is primarily developed for analysts and technical developers to interact with the ERP solution and services like NetSuite.

One such example of the cloud utility is transportation of data in and out of NetSuite through the excel spreadsheets. This type of data is mostly used by a business analyst to graphically represent their data through customized data types and business processes.

Therefore NetSuite SuiteCloud platform presents an exciting range of APIs for developers so that they can develop and generate robust extensions, customizations and integrations. NetSuite Suite Cloud further helps a developer bundle and share their custom apps across different channels and source of activities.

Different Parts of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Tools 

One cannot imagine SuiteCloud without its developer tools that are very essential for extending the NetSuite for specific business requirements and needs. The developer tools are further required for creating new applications from the very scratch and get them integrated with the existing business on premise or cloud systems. Therefore the set of NetSuite Suitecloud Developer network tools offer a complete cloud customization and integration cloud environment.

The most common set of SuiteCloud Developer tools here include:-

SuiteBundler Cloud application packaging and distribution
SuiteFlow Graphical process customization
SuiteScript Programmable logic and scripting
SuiteTalk Cloud integration
SuiteAnalytics Business Intelligence
SuiteBuilder Point-and-Click customization
SuiteCloud IDE IDE and debugger


A detailed study of each of the important developer tools have been described here.

SuiteBuilder: An extensive range of point and click customization features  

NetSuite SuiteBuilder is an important facility offered under SuiteCloud developer tools to design prompt and faster NetSuite application forms, fields and as well measure a simplified point-and-click experience. A developer can easily use SuiteBuilder without being worried for version lock. The customization features with a present version of the application seamlessly get carried over to the next release or the updated version of SuiteCloud. 

It features:-  

  • A consistent and easy data representation of sophisticated data relationships without any complex coding for a developer to handle.
  • Provision to adapt NetSuite by a developer according to his company’s terminology, branding and work behaviors.
  • Suite builder is featured with exclusive field and record management capabilities for adding custom fields like text, date, drop-down lists, images and objects to applications.
  • Make changes into the forms by SuiteBuilder customizing form fields, sub-tabs and field groupings according to various business needs.

SuiteFlow: A process engine designed to automate business flow 

The SuiteFlow is a rich library of easy-to-use point-and-click tools that allows a developer freedom to customize and automate business processes for NetSuite SuiteFlow itself and accommodate it other business systems.

  • Create seamlessly business processes like lead nurturing, collections management, sales discount approvals, purchase order approvals and others
  • Provides scheduling for automatic working of the SuiteFlow and Workflows and at the same time define the events that trigger or begin the workflows.
  • Mentions the conditional activities for the effective management of records during the every stage of when record passes through during the course of the workflow.

SuiteScriptSuiteScript: Flexible logic driven application development

SuiteScript is another useful utility offered by the NetSuite Suite Cloud to developers and administrators to design and create features and customizations within NetSuite to modify according to the various business needs and requirements. The SuiteScript offers application development facilities either from the already existing processes or integrating with the brand new applications. It is based around an advanced level of JavaScript with full featured application-level scripting capabilities across the entire NestSuite SuiteScript software.

  • It has enhanced capabilities offered through the flexible scripting models to fit for the various customization needs like event-based scripts, scheduled scripts, client side scripts and port let scripts.
  • The scripting models here work as support for the workflow-based activities.
  • The SuiteScript is specifically incorporated with a powerful debugging toolset for the testing and validation of SuiteScript code.

suitetalkSuiteTalk: Offering SOAP Web Services across the Entire Suite 

It is a feature with SOAP Web Services across the Suitelet and framework for lightweight REST based integrations. This makes it easier for the NetSuite to be better integrated with present on premise features and the third party cloud applications. Developers use it extensively for creating the lightweight custom mobile applications and related features.

  • Enables integration with the help of Java, Microsoft .NET or any other development language for SOAP-based Web Services.
  • The RESTlet framework therefore facilitates developers to create their own procedures for standard REST functions like POST, PUT, GET and DELETE. 

SuiteAnalyticsSuiteAnalytics: Extensive and large Business Intelligence Features 

SuiteAnalytics brings integrated Business Intelligence to any customizations or applications developed with SuiteCloud. This relieves developers and IT teams from integrating the reporting tools, BI cubes or data warehousing. The Suite Analytics features: – 

  • The innovative graphical toolset to impart the important business knowledge and information to the end-user in quite a clear and systematic manner.
  • Automated storage of real-time analytics for an overall improvement of operational efficiency. 
  • Easy access to users to optimize cross-functional information across the entire company and other associates for better and improved decisions.

SuiteBundler: A Packaging and Distribution Tool 

Its primary task is to package and distribute the application developed using the SuiteCloud platform. It facilitates:-

  • Developers and admins to easily transfer customizations from a coding environment to a production environment.  
  • Enables the faster deployment of customizations and manages edition updates.  

NetSuite IDE and SuiteScript Debugger: A Cloud Debugger Tool

It is an eclipse based IDE and is offered for the NetSuite platform development. It creates SuiteApp functionality on top of the NetSuite infrastructure. At the same time it optimizes while taking advantage of tools like SuiteScript and SuiteTalk.

Thus, it is quite clear that SuiteCloud developer tools bring an extensive range of features by the medium of integrations to develop NetSuite extensions and other additional activities.

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