Netsuite Warehouse Management System

What is NetSuite Warehouse Management System?

As NetSuite was launched with a need-based package design offering tools to manage inventory. But as development and requirement increased so did NetSuite managed to upgrade their services. Keeping in mind all the processes a new update, NetSuite 2019.2 was launched. It is packed with solutions on manufacturing, Distribution at wholesale tiers, NetSuite’s solutions, Suite Analytics, Warehouse management and inventory management. 

What is NetSuite Warehouse Management System?

It is a software application solution which supports the everyday operations in a warehouse. The programs in WMS give you a centralized management portal of tasks which allow you to track locations of goods and inventory levels. The WMS program can be used as a standalone application or can be partnered with efficient ERP software similar to the NetSuite WMS solution.

Differences between Inventory and Warehouse Management?

Both warehouse and inventory management have many similar traits and involve the following processes:

  • Managing multiple locations
  • Picking, Packing and shipping items
  • Use of barcodes to track the products
  • Monitor quantity of product
  • Receiving order data into inventory map
  • Counting the repetitive cycle

NetSuite WMS consists of all basic tools of inventory management similar to the above-listed functions. It is focused on optimizing all functions within warehouse and equipment management.

Real data is a key component of NetSuite WMS which helps you give a track of the actual moving product from inventory. This real-time data is directly available on the home portal of NetSuite Dashboard. And with the KPI’s and other meters we can easily monitor labour productivity at the warehouse.

Perks of WMS:

To reduce costs and human error with boosting accuracy across different stages in the company. With implementing WMS we can see:

  • Growth in the organization without increasing the space or additional staff
  • Improving inventory accuracy
  • Lower labour costs
  • Increase in the visibility of floor helping direct orders easily
  • Permit multiple channels fulfillment 
  • Faster order turnaround making same-day shipping possible
  • Reduce human error in a process dependent on human actions.

NetSuite 2019.2 Update:

The update brought by NetSuite provides an excellent warehouse management solution. Aimed at verticals like 

  • Wholesale Distribution management
  • Retail processes
  • Manufacturing processes

Some of the features provided under WMS are:

  • Pick assignment: The facility to create a list of assigned tasks and generated tasks to the order collector or picker.
  • Picking wave: A feature provided to a mobile device, lines lock and the facility to review order or wave
  • Order Release: The facility to check for transaction and custom templates
  • Pick Tasks: Provide quick updates on tasks and real-time check on inventory.
  • Order strategies: This includes the facility of locking or unlock the incoming or outgoing order and help manage orders
  • Asynchronous Item management: This provides the facility to configure the fulfilment of order either manually or automatic

Inbound functionalities of NetSuite WMS include:

WMS mobile Solution: This facility enables users to stay connected by mobile. This application can help you note the time and expense required for the order. The stored data in mobile is provided access in offline mode. Once connected to the server the application will automatically sync the mobile device to serve and update to the latest information.

It simplifies navigation and helps the user to easily go through the application. The dashboard in the mobile app gives the ability to easily track incoming and outgoing calls. 

Looking at the security of the mobile app users can access using the same login details used for software pages. To check on inventory use the WH option which directs you to the warehouse page.

NetSuite WMS provides a dynamic feature to manage warehouse and help to have a real-time check on inventory. Due to its real time feature, this makes it easy to have visibility over most aspects of a warehouse and ease in processing. With the help of KPI’s it is very easy to monitor the productivity of labour and also the change observed in inflow if inbound and outbound orders. If you are looking for the best NetSuite related service then, you can get the best NetSuite Consultant Company

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