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How Can NetSuite Workflow Send Emails for You?

Emails are very standard and easy options to communicate with the clients. To make the details more clear, attractive, etc.  It is very important for the companies to maintain reputation, even while sending emails. To help companies,NetSuite Workflow Send Email has very important features even for sending emails or making you send the correct emails.

How can you make NetSuite Workflow Send Email?

NetSuite email configuration is very easy to access. There will be an email address present in “From Email Address”. You can navigate to it by pressing Home and then clicking on Set Preferences and then on General under User Profile.

If your trading partner, vendors, and customers reply to the email, which was sent by NetSuite, it will be automatically saved in the Message Subtab of the contacts and also in the replier’s record (check Communication Subtab).

Which system NetSuite Email Records can be sent?

As discussed above, all the emails you sent from NetSuite records are present and saved in the Communication Subtab of all the individual contracts who received the messages and also the record you sent in the form of email.

There are many records to choose from NetSuite email invoices. They are:

  • Contact
  • Customer
  • Lead
  • Prospect
  • Vendor
  • Company
  • Other Name
  • Partner
  • Opportunity
  • Transactions

How can you make NetSuite workflow send email from any record?

  • Click on the Communication subtab from the record you wish to send the email message from.
  • Do one from the following in the Messages subtab
    • If you are forwarding or replying to any email message, press on the View, which is beside the email message. (make sure to add the attachment again from the Attachments subtab)
    • If you need to send a new email message then press on Email. Or you can also use the Create New option which is present at the  top of the record and then choose the Email option from the dropdown options.
  • From the Recipients tab:
    • Choose the contact, where you want to send the email from Recipient field, or directly enter the email address.
    • In the section of Copy Others, select all the others you want to include.
    • If anyone doesn’t does not exist in the Contacts list, directly enter the email ID address in the Email field.
    • Click on the CC box to copy all the contacts present in the list. You can also tick the BCC box to blind copy these contacts.
    • Click Add for every contact that you want to copy.
  • From the Message field:
    • For using any email template, select any of the categories to filter all the lists of the templates. (you can use this field only when you have enabled the CRM Template Category option)
    • Select the template which you have uploaded or added in the NetSuite. And then click on the Update tab for updating your template with all the edits you made in the Message field.  
    • Then in the Subject option, you need to enter the subject for the message.
    • Then click on the Request Read Receipt to get the read receipts from each and every recipient.
    • Now choose any of the template formats for this message.
    • If there is any requirement to add field tags, use the Field Type option and then press on Insert Field.
    • And then in the Message tab, enter the message and then customize the fonts, styles and format according to your requirements.
    • If you have selected a template file, then you can edit the messages in this field.
  • From the Attachment section
    • Tick mark the Zip Attachments box to compress the files and send it in .zip format
    • In the Attach File section, select the file which you want to attach from the file cabinet of yours and attach it to the message. Also note that all the files you attach should be less than 5MB. You can also use Plus Sign to add new documents.
    • Press Add to complete the attachment.
  • Now click on the Send option. If a user is using the Mail Merge feature then click Merge and Send.

To impact your business on a large scale and to attract the target audience, it is very important for the companies to make sure that the email game is strong enough to survive in the market. Get the best NetSuite Development Services in Australia from Suiteactive.

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