Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite

NetSuite is mainly a Software Suite integrating the cloud business that can be used by the companies to manage the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). NetSuite also helps in managing the customer’s activities through CRM (Customer Relationship Management) along with tracking the finances and hosting online e-commerce stores for your business.

NetSuite Oracle

NetSuite Oracle has always been listed at the top in providing the best client and end-user experience along with its top-notch features. Irrespective of the type of industry, Netsuite’s modules serve every industry that wants to grow no matter what.

Netsuite’s ERP helps the owners to focus on growing their business and values rather than focusing on tiring tasks. This is one of the best software for Cloud ERP solutions to both small and mid-sized businesses for having a competitive edge over the rivals/competitors. Also, for customizing, Netsuite Oracle comes with features like data analytics that allows you to forecast inventory management, growth in compliance according to the industry standards, and production planning.

Oracle Netsuite ERP:

What is ERP?

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a suite of software used by the organizations for managing everyday business activities which include supply chain operations, accountancy, procurement, risk management, compliance, and project management.

What is Oracle Netsuite ERP?

It is a cloud-based solution for ERP which is completely scalable, targeted for high growth, large enterprises and mid-sized business. This Netsuite ERP helps is digitally transforming the front and back processes of offices such as inventory management, billing, marketing, order management, sales, financial management, fixed assets, etc. Also, the entire organization is provided by KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) along with a customizable view and also the reports for every role right from the top management to the key clerical staff.

Why Netsuite ERP?

Here are some point why you need to choose Oracle Netsuite and how can it help you in growing your business

  • It is very easy to use as it comes with in-built flexibility.
  • It is integrated with BI i.e Business Intelligence.
  • It is designed for supporting modern companies.
  • The Commerce ERP is readily available also with eCommerce Modules that are integrated.
  • It is purely a cloud-based ERP as it is born in the cloud offering.

The Oracle Netsuite ERP helps in running all the key business processes in the cloud. They include Order Management, Inventory, Supply Chain, and Financial Management.


Oracle Netsuite ERP:


  • Order Management: This solution helps in integrating with the CRM, increasing cash flow, and improving the on-time delivery facility. It includes features like,
    1.Pricing and Promotion – This feature helps in handling multiple levels of prices, dollars, and discounts-percentage, customer and currency-specific pricing, promotional codes, and transaction-level total profit analysis.
    2.Sales Order and Returns Management – A dashboard is available that can be accessed by the user. This dashboard visualizes the processes like collecting, sanctioning, planning, tracing, fulfilling, accepting the payment, and managing the returns.
  • Inventory Management: this feature ensures sufficient inventory through automatic inventory tracking facility in different locations, safety stock, cycle counts, reorder points, demand planning, and distribution requirements planning.
  • Supply Chain Management: It offers real-time visibility, improves service levels, and minimize costs. The following features are also found with these benefits,
    1.Planning – It helps in demand-planning work and advances inventory management techniques, for improving the on-time delivery metrics.
    2.Execution – It gives a communication platform for all the distributors, partners, suppliers, and contract manufacturers. This helps in managing the supply chain.
    3.Collaboration – The tool supports portal access to supply chain partners, automatic and instantaneous contacting via email, and integrated system communication via web-services/RESTlet APIs.
    4.Support – This case managing system aids in entering, routing, escalating, and resolving all the customer support issues.
  • Financial Management: This module lets the users have real-time access to the live-financial information along with the direct links between compliance management and financial accounting. The users can expect accurate reporting, accelerated closings, and real-time information through these features.
    1.Finance and Accounting – This feature combines main accounting functions along with real-time financial visibility and business insights for driving financial progress.
    2.Billing – With this tool the user can integrate finance, sales, and fulfillment for smooth processing.
    3.Revenue Recognition – It helps in compliance and scheduling.
    4.Financial planning and Reporting – It renders the users real-time, on-demand, and decision making data by integrating the planning, budget, and forecasting processes.
    5.Global Accounting – This tool can buy you “close-to-disclose” capabilities and support international compliance and regulations, accelerating the closings.
    6.Governance, Risk, and Compliance – This feature addresses the regulatory and risk issues via technology and automated processes.

The Oracle Netsuite also helps in improving your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by providing you a complete 360°-view regarding your customers.

Also, here are some of the professional services given by Netsuite for growing your business:

  • Automation (Netsuite PSA): This helps you inaccurate planning, tracking, and executing your projects.
  • Single Database, Single System: This gives a real-time, single global business management platform for managing the operations that include multiple countries, languages, currencies, and subsidiaries.
  • E-commerce: Integrate every single process of your web-store right from the point of order and sale, management, and marketing, merchandising your company, financials, inventory, and support services.
  • Retail: For satisfying your omnichannel customers, Netsuite provides powerful, retail software solutions that are completely cloud-based.
  • Manufacturing: The Netsuite provides solutions for manufacturing, letting you focus on delivering the products and services for your customers along with adding more agility for scalable growth.

Oracle Netsuite Pricing:

The Netsuite’s pricing is suitable for each customer, decided based on the set of givens which also includes ERP configuration, required add-on modules, the total count of the users, and the contract length.

The license of Netsuite operates like a subscription model that can be renewed yearly or also over long intervals of time. There are plenty of vertical editions from Netsuite that are pre-bundled. These editions can be used to quickly identify the required package and the modules that can satisfy the needs of a particular customer.

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