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How Useful are RingCentral NetSuite and Custom KPI?

For every business, efficient handling of a large amount of crucial data is highly important. Whether it is related to making changes, updating extra info, or quick accessing, each task must be simple and hassle-free. The functionalities such as RingCentral NetSuite and Custom KPI of NetSuite serve the necessary assistance in this for the NetSuite users. Let’s check how: 

NetSuite is the number one cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It is a service provider to those companies who want to manage all their key business procedures in a single system. With services like ERP, CRM, PSA, E-Commerce, and many more NetSuite always played a great role in driving efficiency. Recently NetSuite came up with RingCentral for NetSuite to provide seamless integration to both RingCentral solution and NetSuite organization and also to improve the procedure of managing customers with respect to their account data and information.

What is RingCentral NetSuite integration?

It is a process of integrating RingCentral solutions with your company running on NetSuite. With access to all the business data and communication in one system, there will be an increase in the productivity and efficiency of your business, you, and your employees.

There are several features of it, they are

  • Single tap call: you can place a call from NetSuite or any browser tab by clicking on any phone number.
  • Screen pops: you can see the information, data, ad, etc. with the 360-degree view of the popup window from other parties so that your insights are clear enough to have the conversation.
  • Call logs: you can capture all the interactions done in NetSuite with an automatic generated call log so that you have better insight regarding customer interaction and conversation
  • Live analysis: you can gain reports of any or every call insights. You can get a deeper vision of your group’s performance with the help of comprehensive dashboards and reports.    

Prerequisites for the RingCentral NetSuite Integration

  • Your system must be running Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems
  • It needs a Chrome browser by Google for Windows and Tenfold Desktop application for macOS
  • All the access required should be given to RingCentral NetSuite server 
  • Admin access should be given to the organization’s NetSuite 
  • Must be updated to the latest version patch of 08/01/2019 

NetSuite Custom KPI

KPI portlets help us understand different details about the business and market, in a single glance. It provides us a visual workspace that gives users uninterrupted and instant access to clear information. These KPIs can be customized where you can add the saved searches which are created by you. There are a total of 75 inbuilt KPIs which appear in your dashboard’s KPI portlet. But still, many businesses have specific data or information which can’t be added in the standard KPIs. This is when NetSuite custom KPI comes in handy. 

How can you create a custom KPI in NetSuite?

  • There are basically two steps to create a custom KPI. They are
  • A saved search has to be created.
  • Add that search into custom KPI portlet

How to create a saved search?

  • Saved search plays an important role in NetSuite custom KPI. You can create a saved search by
  • Logging in as Admin in your NetSuite account
  • Press “Reports”, then on “Saved Searches” then open “All Saved Searches”, then click on “New”
  • Then choose the required type of saved search which appears in the form of a list.
  • Then a form will appear in a pop-up window
  • Put the required name in the “Search Title” field
  • Define the saved search in the criteria tab. To set criteria click on “filter” tab
  • Press on the Set tab. Now the criteria will be visible in the “filter” field
  • You can select the type of view for your saved search. You can also add the number of columns that you want to see in the “field” tab
  • Now you can save the search you have created.

How can we add saved search into the Custom NetSuite KPI Portlet?

  • Open the KPI portlet window, click on Setup which will take you to a popup window.
  • Press on Add Custom KPI option, it will again take you to the different popup window. This pop-up window consists of all saved searches, select the saved search you want to add in KPI, and then press done.
  • Search for the Range field and then set the date ranges.
  • Press on Save option.
  • That’s all to create a NetSuite custom KPI. 

How to utilize the NetSuite Custom KPI in a KPI scorecard

  • KPI scorecards help to understand comparative research among all the KPIs
  • Select the KPI scorecard where you want to add the Custom KPI
  • To edit a KPI scorecard, go to Customisation > Centers and Tab > KPI Scorecards (Admin) > Edit
  • To create a Scorecard, go to Customisation > Centers and Tab > New (Admin)
  • After this, Select a custom KPI ranging from 1-10 from the Content tab
  •  Now place that KPI number in the Custom subtab and choose the saved search you want to use as custom KPI
  • To have a custom KPI scorecard formula, select a formula from the KPIs list, press on Set Formula in the Formula section. And then find the custom KPI that you specified on the Custom subtab
  • Then you can set some other conditions for the comparison of KPI.

Overall, RingCentral NetSuite Integration and NetSuite Custom KPI can be very beneficial for the businesses as they have a wide range of features like easy data access and customization of the particular data, etc. So, make use of these both functionalities and improve your business data management. Speak to a NetSuite expert  +61 480 016 233

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