NetSuite SuiteBuilder

What do you need to know about NetSuite SuiteBuilder?

NetSuite SuiteBuilder is a customization tool that is utilized for creating elements for any individual business processes which need to be enforced in NetSuite. SuiteBuilder provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that is used for appointing or editing diverse records, dealing types, fields, custom-made segments, and centers. NetSuite has proved its significance in the ERP and CRM market. SuiteBuilder puts speedy app configuration power in the hands of individuals and enables techies to speedily prototype and distribute bespoke cloud apps. Needless to say, SuiteBuilder comprises of prominent characteristics through which organization can immediately create their NetSuite app. Although there are various tools for NetSuite Customization that are used for enhancing NetSuite experiences such as SuiteBuilder, SuiteBundler, SuiteFlow, SuiteAnalytics, and SuiteScript.

Who mainly use the SuiteBuilder?


These people principally work on SuiteScript and SuiteTalk as they need a good grip on SuiteBuilder Components to implement their solutions inside NetSuite.


Administrators use SuiteBuilder for creating different transaction types, tailored record types, tailor-make forms and for makeover bespoken centers according to their roles on the circumstantial enterprise requirements.

IT Staff

In this, SuiteBuilder is utilized for handling modification requests like creating tailored fields, managing information in the system or scheduling batch processing jobs in the system. IT Staff members have access to administrative tools through which they can audit changes to NetSuite account, negotiate information in the system and plan batch processing jobs.

Features of NetSuite SuiteBuilder –

Dashboard personalization every company needs those tools through which they can improve productivity. Key performance indicators to performance snapshots, trend graphs, job reminders, report and transaction shortcuts are some the most crucial things for organization.

Company and process configuration

With the help of SuiteBuilder, you can set up NetSuite to your company as per specific requirements.

Customize data relationships and user interface

Customized-records can easily tie in with the modular objects such as clients or items in the data relationships ranging from one to one, one to many.

Some Point and Click Features –

Bespoken fields

These are added to any form or transaction within the Netsuite application. The bespoken fields have a wide variety of types which should be able to facilitate any number of client-specific requests. NetSuite makes it easy to add these new fields by giving the user multiple entry points to create made-to-order fields. Once added, the field becomes instantly available on the form, existing data within reports.

Custom records

These records allow companies to create full records to help with their enterprise operation, which can be used for assorted apps. Online forms can also be created with custom records. These online forms allow companies to give access to users outside of the NetSuite individual group to create records within NetSuite.

Tailored forms

Customizing forms allows companies to modify the standard NetSuite forms to support their business processes. Tailored forms are created as “clones” of standard forms. With the customization, organisation can add additional fields or withdraw fields that are not applicative to their enterprise processes. These forms can also be restricted based on user role to accommodate particular job functions in the NetSuite application.

NetSuite comprises of outstanding features which make it a sustainable product that can grow and change the requirements of your enterprise. Overall, SuiteBuilder is a great option for those organization who are looking to make secondary changes. If you need any kind of info accompanying to SuiteBuilder or its tools, feel free to contact us.

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