Netsuite Sandbox

What is a NetSuite Sandbox?

What is NetSuite Sandbox?

In developed business environments, it is crucial to stay in sync with the current technologies so as to survive in this highly competitive world. NetSuite is an advanced CRM technology that gives its users a flexible platform to build new functionalities to streamline their business processes. It allows companies to lower their operational costs and improve their customer service.

On the other hand, business management software will always be extremely crucial for any business. It contains all the major data related to operations, finance, human resources, customers, and many more. So, you think thousands of times before opting for any business management software for your business. You just don’t wish to buy any software and integrate it with your business processes. Because, inaccurate software not only waste your valuable time/money but also leads the existing flow of business processes towards disruption. Keeping this in mind, you will do a lot of research before investing any huge amount into the business management solution and incorporating it into your firm’s business process.

In such conditions, you might think of a virtual platform for conducting the pre-testing process. It should facilitate you to run the trial version of the business management software for a specific period of time before buying it. If you are satisfied with its capabilities and efficiency then you will invest a large amount in it. Otherwise, you are free to cancel the trial version and look for another software.

If you think it’s cannot be possible in the real-world then you are so wrong. Precisely, you heard it right! An advanced and highly capable virtual platform is available for testing your new business management solution prior to installation. On this platform, you can easily run, observe, and analyze the working methodology of this software. Later, you can make use of the outcomes of these analyses to make your purchase decision.

The US-based NetSuite Inc., one of the leading providers of cloud-based, integrated business software suite offers a perfect software for this. Named as NetSuite Sandbox, this software provides an isolated and secure platform for performing a trial experiment. You can try to create and edit any feature as per your needs and observe its outcome before actually implementing it. Let’s try to find out answers for some important questions such as What is NetSuite Sandbox? How to activate the sandbox in NetSuite? In which way the system Sandbox NetSuite login works?

NetSuite Sandbox?

what is netsuite sandbox

The NetSuite Sandbox is a test account that has been designed to facilitate its potential users. After subscribing, you will get an account where you are allowed to create and configure your NetSuite business management software. You will be provided a replica of your firm’s current database where you are permitted to make any kind of changes. All the changes appear similar to the modifications of the actual database but are not real in nature. However, external transactions like emails and payments will not be processed.

The NetSuite Sandbox is an ideal option for those who wish to design preferred customizations for their systems. It can be done with the help of Java Scripting modes (SuiteScript), workflows (SuiteFlow), or any other part feature of NetSuite. Besides, you can make use of this platform to provide training for your employees without affecting your firm’s current production process. Once, you are satisfied with your application you can easily integrate with your firm’s current system.

NetSuite Sandbox Environment

It refers to a precise replica of your business’s operational environment offered by the NetSuite. It permits you to execute, operate, and test any of the NetSuite applications on your crucial business data without affecting the original data.

Termed as a testing environment, this platform performs help you to analyze your preferred software programs, before making them actively live in real-time. Further, it provides a secure and isolated trail platform against malicious or suspicious cyber threats. By doing so, it minimizes the potential risk of damaging the entire software.

Key features of system Sandbox NetSuite environment:

    • Creates an exact replica of your production setting involving all the important business data
    • Installation and maintenance of the entire setting are handled by NetSuite Inc.
    • Facilitates testing and customization of NetSuite applications as per your business needs

NetSuite Sandbox Account?

As already mentioned, NetSuite Sandbox Account is an isolated account that facilitates the development and testing of customizations without affecting your real-time production system. Let’s view how to Create NetSuite Sandbox Account?

It is not a difficult thing to do. After buying NetSuite Sandbox, you need to place a request for the Refresh NetSuite Sandbox Account. It will start creating an exact replica of your business database available at the time of the request. The entire process takes around 1 to 2 business days for completion.

When you buy a NetSuite Sandbox Account will be provided access to a limited Refresh Accounts from the NetSuite. Each account will be having a similar configuration, customization, and business data that of your production account. Besides, you can make use of one or more accounts for each production account. Once you are satisfied with the outcomes of your virtual testing you can easily integrate with your business process. More importantly, you need to pay extra money in case of additional requirements.

Types of NetSuite Sandbox Accounts?

Every NetSuite Sandbox offers two types of accounts for your assistance. They are:

1) Development Sandbox Account
2) Premium Sandbox Account

Development Sandbox Account

It comes with the same features and SuiteApps as of your production account. Further, you will be allowed to access crucial data related to production developing and testing purposes. Since any kind of modification cannot be performed on the actual data, hence you can allow an outside developer to build or work on your projects. It eliminates the risks of privacy-violating or data tampering by any outsiders. This kind of account is perfect in case your firm owns limited business operations and a fewer amount of important data.

Premium Sandbox Account

On the contrary to standard development sandbox account, this account supports the processing of high-volume crucial data. It permits you to copy production to Sandbox NetSuite configurations and customizations. The best thing is, you can process any business data with greater complexity and refresh it wherever you prefer.

Sandbox sub-account types

The NetSuite Sandbox also offers many advanced and dynamic sub-accounts for your support.

Single Sandbox Account:

Suitable for developing customizations with SuitFlow or SuitScript

Multiple Sandbox Account:

Supports building multiple SuiteScript applications. Also, it facilitates the working of many developers at once with different data sets and testing of their own customizations.

Development Account:

Facilitates developing and testing of customizations using SuiteFlow or SuiteScript. More importantly, it does not demand any kind of customer data for this purpose.

Benefits of NetSuite Sandbox?

benifits of netsuite sandbox


There are several benefits offered by the powerful NetSuite Sandbox that makes it more valuable for your business than just a testing platform.

      • Facilitates testing of customizations much prior to the actual installation of any business software. By doing so, it assists in avoiding spending your valuable time and money in modifying these.
      • It helps in identifying the tricky customizations and in your business processes. Thereby, you can easily modify or remove them from your business processes without much difficulty.
      • Assist in training new employees on present business processes and/or training senior employees on the latest business processes.
      • Enables testing of customized transactions before entering them into the GL (General Ledger) reports.
      • Studying the effects of deleting any crucial old record before their actual elimination
      • Sharing important business data with outsiders for investigation purposes. They can study and suggest improvements without interfering with the current working process of your firm.

It allows you to assign work to outsider developers without providing them direct access to your database. More importantly, there is no compulsion that these developers must work under a NetSuite environment only. They can perform any tasks on the duplicate database provided to them and modify it as many times they prefer. After getting the final version you can easily incorporate it into your business processes.

NetSuite Sandbox Refresh

It refers to the process of creating a precise replica of your production account after getting a request for it. All the records available at that exact moment in your business database will be included in it. During this process, you can permit the access of this sandbox to only to the admin or to the multiple users. Furthermore, each party will be allowed to differentiate the email notifications that have been sent from the production account. It’s done by prefixing the sandbox disclaimer to every email notification triggered by any of the workflows.

The NetSuite Sandbox Refresh is the best option for all the NetSuite customers who wish to develop their own customizations for their system. This account offers more control and visibility to its admin. Due to which, you can easily manage many copies of your business data within the sandbox account soon after it has been created. But, you can still place a request to refresh from the same page.

Besides, you can have a glance at the estimated turnaround duration for NetSuite sandbox creation. In addition, you will also be allowed to monitor the entire remaining refreshing progress and NetSuite Sandbox status. You can make use of this feature to plan your tasks and manage your projects’ deadlines. Further, the automation of the refresh process helps in cutting down at least half of the entire duration that usually takes for a typical refresh process.

Apart from that, all the key details related to refreshing status and progress will be available in each NetSuite Sandbox. Even information on the number of refresh requests and the last person who applied for the last request will be also included in this. The data will be unique and different for each sandbox account in case of multiple sandboxes usage.

NetSuite Sandbox URL

Once you refresh a NetSuite Sandbox its URL will appear as “”. It indicates that the Sandbox account has been transited from the NetSuite Sandbox Domain to the NetSuite Domain. After the completion of a refresh, you must always access your sandbox from this URL only likewise you access your production account. You can also use the “Change Roles” list or “Choose Role” page for switching from a production role to a sandbox role.

Note: NetSuite always suggests avoiding static URLs always. But, it offers two dynamic ways to discover many URLs from an account. Both REST and SOAP web services make use of a request with the format “getDataCenterUrls()”. The coding for these can be written with the help of C# and Java.

How to give NetSuite Sandbox Access?

The process of NetSuite Grant Sandbox Access is not very difficult. You need to visit the Sandbox Accounts page in the production account for getting access to the NetSuite Sandbox in the production account. After, you need to select the option of “All Users” for access and click the “Sandbox Refresh” for placing a request.

How to log in to NetSuite Sandbox?

How to log in to NetSuite Sandbox?

The NetSuite Sandbox login procedure for the NetSuite Sandbox is quite simple to follow. But, all the individual users must be permitted to access the sandbox account from the admin. In the production account, go to the “Setup” tab and then select “Company” option. You will get a drop-down menu where you need to choose the “Sandbox Accounts” option. A pull-down list will appear quickly where you need to pick any option between “All Users” and “Administrators”.

Now, let’s study how to grant sandbox access to different users in NetSuite SandBox login page.

Step 1: Access the NetSuite Sandbox Customer Login page as an admin. For this, make use of the NetSuite Sandbox login URL

Step 2: Click on the “Lists” tab and then select the “Employees” option

Step 3: Choose any employee record of your firm available on the sandbox

Step 4: A subtab named “Access” will be available in this employee record

Step 5: Mark the box named “Grant Access” and enter the necessary details

Step 6: Later click on the “Save” option to store all the modifies changes

Step 7: This employee can log in into the sandbox account immediately

You must visit the Sandbox Accounts page to grant NetSuite Sandbox access to each user of your production account. In that, choose the “All Users” option for allowing access.

Note: The customers and trading partners should be never permitted to access your sandbox accounts.

NetSuite Sandbox Web Service URL?

Apart from the above-mentioned method, the NetSuite Sandbox account can also be accessed through Java coding. For this, you are required to use NetSuite Sandbox WSDL (Web Services Description Language).

NetSuite Sandbox Pricing?

NetSuite Sandbox Pricing

The price of NetSuite Sandbox totally depends on the available features that have been designed to suit your needs. But, more often, it will be computed at 10% of the overall amount accounted for the purchased number of NetSuite modules and active user licenses. This is only applicable to the development or standard account. It is around 20% of the overall amount in the case of the premium account. In addition to this amount, you will also be charged a minimum amount of money that is applicable to both types of accounts.

Furthermore, suppose, you are benefited with high-discount on your NetSuite package suite. But, then also you are required to pay this amount for the use of NetSuite Sandbox even if the discounted price is lesser than the minimum amount.

As mentioned earlier, the NetSuite Sandbox costs wholly on the availability of the features. Let’s have a quick view at them:

        • ACH Vendor Payments (Test-mode only)
        • Alternative Payment Methods (Test-mode only)
        • Bulk Merge
        • Credit Card Processing (Test-mode only)
        • CDN Caching
        • CTI Integration
        • CSV Import
        • Custom Records
        • Currency Rate Exchange Integration
        • Direct Deposit
        • Electronic Funds Transfer (Test-mode only)
        • Email Campaigns
        • Email Case Capture
        • Email notifications and outgoing emails
        • Paypal Integration (Test-mode only)
        • Proquest
        • Reports and Scheduled Reports
        • Saved Searches and Scheduled Saved Searches
        • Scheduled SuiteScripts
        • Secure Domains
        • Server SuiteScript
        • Client SuiteScript
        • SuiteAnalytics Connect
        • SuiteApps
        • SuiteFlow
        • Basic telephony Integration
        • Token-based Authentication
        • Two-factor Authentication
        • UPS/FedEx Integration for Shipping Labels (Test-mode only)
        • UPS/FedEx Integration for Rate Querying
        • Web Services
        • Website and web stores

NetSuite Developer Sandbox?

The developer sandbox is specially designed and built for the NetSuite applications’ developers. They will be provided with an exact replica of your business data for which they can easily develop any kind of customizations. Besides, they also can test the outcomes of these customizations well-before their actual execution. Since they are not working on the main business data there will be no risk of data tampering or else privacy-violating.

This developer sandbox offers a highly secured platform for the developers for testing their customizations. It also facilitates fixing of any issues, updating of scripts, and training of new users. Further, the availability of powerful tools and ideal set up for pre-live testing makes this sandbox an ideal platform for NetSuite developers.

Moreover, the best thing about using NetSuite Developer Sandbox is the tasks of developing customizations can be assigned to even the outsiders. You don’t need to worry about any kind of manipulation with regard to your firm’s major business data.

As of now, you clearly understood why and how to use a sandbox in NetSuite. Several dynamic software for NetSuite Sandboxes is available in the market. Among them, Oracle NetSuite Sandbox is highly productive and amazingly popular. So, buy this exclusive software from NetSuite at the earliest. Design your own customizations and test their outcomes. If you are happy with then, integrate NetSuite ERP with your business processes to enhance their efficiency.

For further information related to NetSuite and other topics contact NetSuite Developer at SuiteActive.

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